• Open space
  • deep breath

Nature meets city. A green hideaway amidst the city. Here, you feel the city’s pulse and are still able to unwind. While you concentrate on the chores of your daily life, we will turn your terrace into a lively outdoor salon. When you come home, you can simply enjoy without a trace of earth on your hands.

Open space. You want to chill out on your terrace in lounge chairs, listen to music and read e-books? Or create an airy working space that sharpens your senses for new ideas and plans? Your mind is set on a central location for an outdoor party with friends? In the course of a personal meeting we listen to your wishes and ideas and make them come true. We are here to create your style.

Taking a deep breath. We will individually design and plant shady and sunny areas on your terrace. Special pot systems are resistant to both heat and frost. For you this means above all that your plants need little care and that they are healthier. Don’t worry: you don’t need to water your plants daily either. They are perfectly cared for by irrigation systems. You can just lean back and enjoy.