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Coming home. Rest and recreation. Often, there is no time for a stroll to the wood or the park after a strenuous day. So a small garden can turn into your personal hideaway, a source of peace and regeneration. You want your garden to become an island of tranquillity, where you can read and listen to music? Or rather create a place for the kids, where they can experience nature and learn from it, climb apple trees and nibble on fresh blue berries? It’s our passion to offer individual solutions!

Green oasis. A very personal first meeting is important for us to listen to your wishes and needs. We provide planting suggestions and designs for both shady and sunny areas in your garden according to your own ideas. Diverse ground conditions such as wood, gravel, stone or tiles turn into a palpable world of experience not only for small children’s feet. We take care of the overall arrangement – so you are free to just enjoy your garden!

Stylish living. Plants and flowers create a natural living space. We gladly come up with furnishing and decoration suggestions for your garden’s unique and individual character. Our concept includes shading with awnings or living plants and bushes as well as a balanced design with useful and ornamental plants according to your request.