Inner courtyard.

  • Inner courtyard
  • Flowers and herbs

Livable space. Due to the walls surrounding them, inner courtyards are often shady and mossy at best. Numerous shade plants and selected wood species turn this area into a livable outdoor space in the middle of the city’s hustle and bustle. And here’s the good news: Shade plants are easier to care for than sun plants.

What lies inside. Make the space green that lies in between your walls! Following a personal first meeting we will arrange your city space according to your wishes! There are unexpected opportunities for a cool reading corner or a dining table for cheerful hangouts with friends. Vines and shrubs frame your newly created living space.

Oasis of tranquillity. Your inner courtyard so far served as a mere storage place and unused area? With the help of frost- and heat-proof pot systems, small green areas and your requested furniture we will create a new joie de vivre. Irrigation systems make sense both ecologically and economically – they see to it that your plants and flowers will endure into the late fall.